Slow Burn

by fran58

Title: Slow Burn (1/1)
Author: fran58
Category: VA
Rating: G
Distribution: Wherever - just let me know. Spoilers: Err, none, really
Disclaimer: Characters owned by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions and 20th Century Fox. I own a lot of dust.
Summary: Written for The Haven's 'Heartbreak in 1000 words or less' challenge.

Author's Note at end.

Slow Burn

It would start with a slow burn, and, oh, I felt like I would dissolve into raw nerve impulse when he was close. His presence could distract me, books and papers falling off my radar when he spoke. What was the point of reading about platelets when my own blood rushed in my ears, blocking out everything but the sound of his voice? How could I absorb any knowledge when all I did was I itch to touch his skin? I had to avert my eyes, bow my head, and pretend to not care.

Every day he didn't love me back was a small, excruciating death. I was hopeless, foolish -- a school girl in over her head.

Mulder squirmed in the relentless, sodden heat of a midsummer's night stakeout, one eye on the darkened house we were watching, one on me.

"So, Scully, give. I told you my maudlin heart-rending story. You gotta tell me yours," he turned toward me. "When did yours happen?"

The velvet night pressed around me, and I felt my soul rip just a little as he looked me in the eye.

Every day of my life, Mulder. Every day.


Notes: This challenge was supposed to be any XF character telling another about a time they got their heart broken. I took a few liberties.

Thanks to addicted2fanfic and MaybeAmanda for quick betas. :)

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