Road Trip

by salliejohns

TITLE: Road Trip
AUTHOR: salliejohns
SPOILERS: None, set season seven-ish
DISCLAIMER: Alas, they are not mine... AUTHOR'S NOTES: At the end of the story BETA THANKS: To the lovely and talented Shoshana--eternal gratitude DEDICATION: This teensy little story is dedicated to my wonderful friend Char, on the occasion of her 35th birthday. ;)

Road Trip

Watching her drive was a guilty pleasure--it had been from the very beginning. She was so small that the seat had to be pulled all the way forward in order for her to reach the pedals. Mulder still wasn't sure she could see all the way over the dashboard, but he knew better than to worry about that out loud.

Scully never was very gracious when people cast aspersions on her ability because of her size. On more than one occasion, Mulder had seen his dimunitive partner command the respect she deserved from her peers, with nothing more than a few caustic comments and her exceptional investigative skill. With him she wasn't as ruthless. Usually a carefully arched eyebrow worked nicely to remind him that size was not usually worth mentioning.

If the truth be told, riding along with Scully driving was always somewhat disconcerting, if only because he invariably ended up with his poor legs bent into an uncomfortably acute angle, his chin practically resting on his knees. Scully didn't insist on driving all that often, mindful of the toll it took on her partner, but Mulder was still inordinately pleased when the old, standard, bench seats were replaced by individually adjustable bucket seats.

Once the bucket seats became the norm, Mulder was able to stretch out and relax a bit when Scully took a turn behind the wheel. With comfort assured, he was free to consider other things. Certainly there were instances when Mulder was busy profiling a suspect, or reflecting on various aspects of the particular case they were investigating at the time. Once in a while though, Mulder's thoughts turned to Scully. Just Scully. How her red hair glowed like fire when struck by the sun's rays. How she sometimes worried her lower lip with her teeth and tongue as she drove. And if the weather was nice, and the windows were open, how she might remove her jacket so that the wind rushing through the passenger compartment would mold her prim, sleeveless shell to her perfect breasts.

Now Scully's breasts were noteworthy even when they weren't outlined by silk crepe, but when they were, ahh... they were truly something to behold. Once or twice Mulder swore he could just discern the outline of erect nipples pressing against Scully's shirt. At times like that it was all he could do to keep from openly staring at his partner's chest. He'd find himself drifting into delightful reveries featuring Scully and those incredible nipples. In his daydreams, they were hard, rose-coloured nubs, atop flawless breasts, creamy and inviting.

"Mulder, you're staring."

"Huh, what? Oh, sorry, Scully. I was just thinking about the case."

"Mulder, we haven't even gotten to St. Johnsville yet. We know almost nothing about the case."

Mulder was busted. He knew it, and what's more, Scully knew it. Her voice wasn't especially harsh though, and when Mulder chanced a glance in her direction, he was certain he saw her lips turned up just a bit on the ends. He settled himself back in his seat and faced the road ahead, a wide grin on his elegant face. After all this time on the road, he never thought he'd enjoy the journey so much.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: This was written in response to a fic challenge posted by Robin on Believe The Truth. The challenge element was to use the sentence "After all this time on the road, he never thought he'd..."

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