by salliejohns

By salliejohns
MSR, R, 155-word BtS challenge
Dedication: To my friend and list mom Toni--love you, sweetheart


"God Scully, you feel amazing!"

"Uhhhnuhhh Mulder, just like that. Don't stop."

"No intention of stopping...ahh...ahh...uhhh, Scully!"

"Mulder? Wh...what are you looking at?"

"Whaddya mean? I'm looking at you. You're so beautiful."

"I'm down here Mulder."

"Oh believe me, unhhhhh, I know exactly where you are."

"Then why do you keep looking over your shoulder?"

"My shoulder?"

"Yes Mulder, your shoulder. Every time I open my eyes, you're staring over your left shoulder. So what gives?"

"Nothing. Scully, you're so warm, and tight, and..."


"OK, OK, I was, uh, watching us in the mirror."


"If I arch my back, I can see us making love in your mirror."

"Uh huh. And you feel the need to do this because..."

"It's awesome, Scully. Wanna see?"

"Oh, Yesssss! I mean 'No,' Mulder."

"God Scully, ahhhhhhh."

"Mulder, you're not looking now."

"No. Right now I'm just feeling. Arrggghhh, God! Sculleeeee..."

"That's good. Uhhhnnuuhh, ve...very good! Oh, Mulderrrrrr."


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