Man Who Got Away, The

by Christine Leigh

Title: The Man Who Got Away
Author: Christine Leigh
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Rating: G
Category: 357 Words.
Spoilers: The End, Memento Mori

Summary: Alternating points of view during "The End."

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The Man Who Got Away
By Christine Leigh

He's the man she never wanted to let go, and now that she has him back in her sight, she must be extremely cautious. She's known him better than anyone and is well aware that he will smell the lie on her as surely as he must the Chanel No. 5 she wears if she isn't careful of every move in this game. That he is still here and as obsessed as ever with the X-Files is something that, while not coming as a complete surprise when the assignment had been laid out in detail for her, did seem a delicious bonus to the job. True, the bonus had a downside, but she is confident that Agent Scully will not remain an obstacle for long.

The work comes first, but as she takes his hand and feels the warmth she's missed for too many years, she promises herself that she will have him again. It's her practice to never break promises to herself.

He's the man she loves, and right now she feels as though he'd slapped her. The hurt is that bad. This is not a rational reaction, but it's the only one she has at the present. She looks around and realizes that she's no longer in the hall witnessing the tender scene -- she must have walked out of the hospital, found her car, and unlocked the door to let herself in.

This has forced her to acknowledge fully the secret she's carried with her for far too long, and the possibility that it might be too late for them fills her with unbearable dread. The only other time she'd felt this way he'd held her. She flashes on the sight of his and Agent Fowley's hands touching, and for a second thinks she might throw up. When she doesn't, she rallies as best she can, takes out her phone and dials his number.


Their situation may have become more complicated, but she knows what is real and will not allow anyone to change that. Unspoken promises had been made, and they would be heard. They would be kept.

"Mulder, it's me."


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