Boyish Agility 1/1

by Erin Blair

TITLE: Boyish Agility
AUTHOR: Erin M. Blair
CLASSIFICATION/CATEGORY: SRA--Story, Romance, Angst. CONTENT: Mulder/Scully Romance
DISTRIBUTION/ARCHIVE STATEMENT: OK to Gossamer, After the Fact, Ephemeral, Xemplary, EMXC. Others: ask me first, please.
SPOILERS: Schizogeny
SETTING: Season 5.
DATE: September 20, 2003 - first draft. Written and edited during the months of September through November. Final draft was finished on November 19, 2003 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Thanks to Jen for beta reading this for me.
DISCLAIMER: Mulder and Scully belong to Chris Carter. SUMMARY: What would happen if Mulder and Scully hadn't been interrupted?

*This is written for After the Fact's Schizogeny Post Episode Challenge.*

Boyish Agility
Written by: Erin M. Blair

Mulder was climbing a tree, something he hadn't done since he was a boy. As he climbed the branches, he managed to study them for the case at hand. "Hey, Scully, is this demonstration of boyish agility turning you on at all?"

"Maybe you should come down here, Mulder, so I can tell you."

Mulder jumped off. "Well?"

"Oh yes, it does turn me on," said Scully

Mulder's smile broadened with pleasure. Just looking at his red haired partner always turned him on. He just wanted to say it, to let her know how much he loved her in his world. He wanted to let her know that every gaze, every touch of her skin had always aroused him. What came out of his mouth wasn't just the truth. It was incredible that she wanted him, too. "Really?"

"Everything about you turns me on," said Scully. "Always."

"Wow, I never dreamed. How long have you...?" Mulder asked, his voice suddenly stammering as he tried to gather his words. He was nervous. Never had his feelings being returned out right before. He didn't know what to say.

Scully had a feeling that Mulder was having trouble with his words. "I've always had feelings for you...ever since we first met, Mulder." She paused. "Remember when we first met?"

Mulder nodded. "Yes, I do."

"If you want me, I'm yours," said Scully.

"So does my boyish agility turn you on?" inquired Mulder.

"Always, Mulder."

"I wish I had said something earlier. Much earlier," said Mulder with a wry grin.


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Author's Notes:

Ever since I first watched "Schizogeny" episode of X-Files, I have always wanted to write a story based on Mulder's remark to Scully. I always wondered: "What would Scully say to Mulder if she wasn't interrupted by that man with the axe?"

When I found out that the episode was part of the After the Fact's post ep challenge, I went to work on this story right away. As I was writing this story, I had few chuckles. It brought smiles to my face each time I sat down to write.

I hope all of you enjoyed this story and I would love to hear from you. :)

I want to thank everyone, especially the gang from Haven for their support. I want to thank my beta reader, Jen, for constantly helping me with my stories. I've learned so much about writing from her.

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