by Polly

Title: Promises
Author: Polly -
Classification: 310 Words, Mulder POV, UST Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: The Sixth Extinction II: Amor Fati. Minor for several others.
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My constant. My touchstone. My best friend.

These words come easily. Why are the rest so hard?

I want you. I need you. I love you.

They're hard because I want to believe she feels the same. I'm not ready to accept that she doesn't.

I owe her my life - again - revived not by a kiss but a tear. Is it only pity she feels for me?

When I awoke in the hospital, I struggled against the vice holding my head. Her words were soothing: "Lie still, sweetie." Sweetie. A word she reserves for those she would give her life to protect. Kevin. Gibson. Emily. Am I just another of her lost children?

For an instant I wish my gift/curse would return so I could know her thoughts. But I've never needed to read her mind; I can read what's in her heart, just as she can read mine - and she gives me the reassurance I need.

"And you are mine."

The words aren't important. Her eyes tell me all I need to know. Communication unspoken. We've always had it; we always will.

I anticipate our first real kiss, but her lips press against my forehead instead. Familiar territory - yet it's different this time. Sensual, sexual, electric. She caresses my face, replaces my victory cap, and gently traces my lips with her thumbs. She's making a promise - a lover's promise of things to come.

She walks away and I consider calling after her, but we both know I'm still weak as a kitten. The promise will have to be enough for now.

I close my eyes and see the boy on the beach. I was once so sure the boy was me, father to the man. But maybe the boy is a promise too - the promise of a future together for Scully and me.


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