Band of Gold

by Polly

Title: Band of Gold
Author: Polly (
Rating: PG
Category: 310 Words, Missing Scene, Pre-XF, Mytharc Spoilers: "Travelers"
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He stared into the bathroom mirror, finger-combing the bangs out of his eyes. He made a mental note to visit the barbershop soon; better get the hair cut voluntarily before Reggie made it mandatory.

He picked up the cigarette smoldering on the sink's edge, took one last drag, and flicked it into the toilet. He was close to quitting, only lighting up now when he got nervous. Today certainly qualified.

He was two steps out of the bathroom before he remembered to turn back and retrieve the item left on the toilet tank. He slipped the gold wedding band on the third finger of his left hand, still a peculiar sensation.

He'd gone in search of a ring after a senior Agent in Behavioral Sciences advised him that victims and suspects confided in serious, mature men, not babyfaced, smart-ass kids. He doubted that was true, but decided creating the facade of a stable family man couldn't hurt. When he read the inscription in this gold band he'd found in a pawnshop on M Street, he knew it was fate: "To my beloved F.M."

He wasn't sure the ring had enhanced his professional credibility, but it had succeeded in sending a clear message to the barracudas in the secretarial pool. He wasn't ready for romantic entanglements, least of all with anyone at the Bureau; he wasn't anxious to become anyone's "beloved F.M." just yet.

He headed for the door, hoping the ring would work its magic today. He needed former FBI Special Agent Arthur Dales to confide in him about a case involving Edward Skur and William Mulder. What connection could his father have to a suspected murderer? He had to know, and Dales was his only link to a 38-year-old unsolved case, an "X" file.

Why was it called an "X" file anyway? Maybe Dales would tell him that too.


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