155 words: An Apocalypse, a Sprig of Mistletoe, and Thou

by Spica

Title: An Apocalypse, A Sprig of Mistletoe, and Thou

Author: Spica (spica111@fastmail.fm)

Website: http://spica.popullus.net/

Archive: Sure.

Disclaimer: CC, 1013 and Fox own them.

Keywords: 155 words, R, K/Ma

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Just a heaped teaspoon of pre-apocalyptic schmoop.

Timeline: Season 8

Beta thanks: To the Green-Eyed Monsters. Mwah!

Note: Written for the Harem's Mistletoe challenge.

"--So, I forgot to buy fucking mistletoe! We still have holly, ivy, a goddamned tree--" Alex stops, hearing his own strained pitch.

"Forget it," she says tightly, emptying the shopping bag. "It doesn't matter."

The dingy two-room apartment sparkles with her efforts. Who would've thunk Marita was a closet traditionalist? It's the first Christmas they'll spend together, and with the Antichrist possibly gestating under Scully's heart, he'd say it's 50-50 whether there will be another. So who gives a damn about a sprig of--


Taking in her flushed face, long with disappointment, Alex is lost for words. Jesus, Covarrubias can be such a girl sometimes...

He walks over to her. Marita sighs and flushes deeper. "Alex, really, forget it--"

He smiles. Fingertips cupping her chin, he leans down and whispers against her lips--tidings of comfort and joy, his voice rough with conviction:

"I don't need fucking mistletoe to kiss you."


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