155: Touch

by ML

155 Words: Touch
by ML
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Rating: R
Spoilers: None
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Hands shaking, fingers tentative, he reaches out to stroke her breasts.

She arches toward him, inviting his touch.

Lips meet lips and part to invite and welcome questing tongues.

Her hands trail from his face to his chest, stopping to play with his suddenly sensitized nipples. He mirrors her actions, feeling his body quicken under her hands. He's wanted this so badly for so long, he's almost afraid to go on.

She helps him. She guides him closer to where she wants him, to where he wants to be.

There are no words to be said; they've always done their best communication with looks and touches. Why speak when mouths can be used in much more tantalizing ways? The touches, always yearned for and bestowed with great pleasure, have now become mutual.

She strokes him, beckoning him closer. Her eyes tell him everything. He enters at her invitation and knows he is home to stay.

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