155: Reflections

by ML

155 Words: Reflections
by ML
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Rating: PG
Spoilers: None
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The candle reflects in the dresser mirror and in the mirror above the bed as well, repeating and repeating into infinity.

<There are more worlds than those which you can hold in your hand...>

She can't help but remember other times and places. He has his ghosts, and she has hers.

Their reflections look insubstantial in the flickering candle and rain-light. Flashes of lightning conceal more than they reveal, like glimpses of truth gone before they are fully explained.

She closes her eyes and burrows into his neck, feeling his arms tighten around her in response. He feels and smells and sounds real. He is someone to put her back against and to stand shoulder to shoulder with. He is both candle and mirror: she is drawn to his truth like a moth to a flame, and she sees her own truth reflected in him.

Without knowing her thoughts, he thinks the same of her.

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