X Files, The

by Gothic Spook

The X Files

Author: Gothic Spook

E-mail: gothic_spook@hotmail.com

URL: www.geocities.com/gothicspook

Rating: G

Category: Poetry

Summary: A general poem about The X Files

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For nine long years we watched them work Searching in the shadows where monsters lurk They had dreams of uncovering all the lies Looking for truths, lights in the skies

Little green men is what they saw
Events breaking every scientific law
Explaining mysteries in unusual ways
Working hard till the end of the day

From bees to monsters chasing them down From ghost to goblins terrorising the town From sunflower seeds to broken phones
To crazy men following the agents home

The show is dead, but the fans are awake Holding onto the memories for everyone's sake From Shippers to Drippers and Frippers and more These are the times we all live for

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