As I'm Sailing Toward You

by Pattie

Title: As I'm Sailing Toward You
Author: Pattie
Rated: G
Category: MA, UST, Scully POV
Spoilers: One Breath
Summary: A poem that could easily be the thoughts of Scully as she fights past the after effects of her abduction. Archive: Gossamer, any other nice home. Feedback: Yes, please. Disclaimers: Chris Carter, 1013 Productions and Fox Studios own the rights to Sculy and Mulder, the X-Files, and their original stories. I intend no copyright infringement and make no money from any fanfiction I write.

Preamble: What if Scully knew that Mulder was by her side as she was lying in the coma, off of the respirator and hovering between life and death? Maybe she did know. (Some people claim there is an awareness in comatose patients). If Dana Scully were a poet, what words would she Mulder to read while watching over her? What if an angel had given him that poem? Perhaps Nurse Owens?

Northeast Georgetown Medical Center,
Washington, D.C.

Take my hand and hold it forever
For I feel I can't bear the thought
Of falling away to a place I know
You can never follow me.

Take my love and feel it's depth
And the intensity of it's hues
You pray for me by the bedside dark
We have never been so close.

Take my love and see it clearly
Since I cannot speak it right now.
I want to see you when I open my eyes,
And have you holding me.

Bring your warmth and give me your fervor. For the life I have often seen
Is a life I want to return to soon.
And you'll be the one I'll thank.

Take my blame and give me forgiveness,
If ever I lash out at you.
You never gave me that horrible voyage. It was they who punished me.

Please don't cry, as I'm sailing toward you! True, I know, you think I'm dying.
I'm coming back to the one I'm seeing
Standing with my Mom ashore.


Hope you like reading this as much as I liked writing it. I felt a poem coming on and had to follow my heart.

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