155 Words: Accustomed

by Pattie

Title: 155 Words: Accustomed

Author: Pattie

Rated: PG

Category: 155 word count, Scully POV.

Spoilers: References to Jersey Devil, Irresistible, One Breath, Tempus Fugit.

Summary: Scully wonders just how she became so comfortable with Mulder, anfdd when she knew it.

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If anyone were to ask when I first knew, I would have to go and think about it. This isn't something that you clue in to the instant it happens. It's a sense, a feeling that grows over time.

A human grows from egg meeting sperm, forming a viable person in nine months. A natural progression. Birth, infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence and adulthood until death are all on a continuum. This is a good analogy of the process I've been going through.

Was it the night he gave me the Apollo Eleven keychain for my birthday? The cold, dark night he found me shut in a closet by Donnie Pfaster, I hung onto him for dear life? Perhaps the day I regained consciousness after my abduction? Or, was it the night we spent in the forest when I tried to keep him alive?

All I know is that now I am totally accustoned to Mulder.

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