Ravings of a Madman, The

by Pattie

Title: The Ravings of a Madman
Author: Pattie
Rated: PG
Spoiler: The Sixth Extinction
Category: Missing Scene, After the Fact, MA, Mulder POV Summary: What is Mulder thinking when he attacks Skinner? Feedback: trish59@444.net
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Well, I was always considered a raving lunatic anyway. Now people can say whatever they want. Walter, I had no other choice but to get aggressive with you. There was no other way.

All the things I was hearing coming from other people's minds were not the cause. They were the necessity. It hurt me to do it. I had to damn near strangle you to get that message into your pocket. Had to. I planned it.

They bought the uncontrollable bit, and you came in and saw me as I wanted you to see me. It was a hard act to put on. It pained me to put myself up fpr more ridicule. Better for you to see me this way than Scully, though. I cannot tell you that.

The haloperidol, with its muscle stiffness and the other side-effects is worth it. So is the blood I had to get from hurting myself.

You got my message. I know you are on my side, and I knew that when I was acting out. You came through for me. The one man who could help you help me came through for all of us.

You should be protecting Scully right now. God knows what is against her. So do I.

Whatever I need to endure to get out of this predicament, to get well, to make sure that all of us are okay in the end, I will do.

If that means I'm a ranting, raving lunatic, so be it. It will have been well worth any suffering I undergo to save your lives.

I fear the worst is yet to come. Just knowing everyone else is all right in the end will be worth it.

I know. I'm crazy. Just for now.


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