Please Save Him

by Gothic Spook

Please Save Him
Author: Gothic Spook
Rating: G
Category: During episode thoughts, DRF and hints of DRR Summery: Monica POV. What was Monica thinking as she prayed? Disclaimer: If you recognise it, I do not own it! Spoilers: Providence
Archive: Anywhere that wants it. Just let me know. Feedback: Always wanted

Dear God or Jesus or whoever it is watching over us. Please save him. Don't let him die. I know that he deserve heaven. But please, I need him here. I need him with me, whether he's on the other side of the world or standing right next to me. I need him to be alive. I need to know that he's okay. I need to know he's happy. I need him to know how I feel. I need to know how he feels. Please save him. I cant go on without him.

You probably hear this all the time. But please don't let him die. He has to much to live for. Even if he doesn't realise it, he does. He has a chance at a happy future with me, please let him have that chance. Let him wake up. Let him find the release he needs to move on with his life. I will do anything to have him back. I will sacrifice anything you want. Please let him open his eyes. I know he deserve to go to heaven and be in peace, but he's needed here, I need him here.

Please help him find his way home. Help him find his way to me.

Please don't let him die

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