Pep Talk

by Katie Phillips

Pep Talk
By Katie Phillips
May 2004

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Summary: Dana Scully gives herself a pep talk.

Author's notes: This is a 155 word challenge so I didn't bother with a beta. Hopefully you will not fine 155 errors.

This story is dedicated to anyone who has every held a conversation with their image in the bathroom mirror.

Dana Scully leaned on the white porcelain sink and looked at herself in the somewhat dirty ladies room mirror thankful to have a moment to herself.

"Come on Dana, pull yourself together. You can do this." She muttered to her image under her breath.

She could after all, couldn't she?

What lay ahead wasn't any harder or any worse than what she had faced before, was it?

This was exactly the type of challenge she thrived on, had been hoping for, wasn't it?

Now was not the time to start doubting herself. Enough people had done that in the past and she had done everything in her power to prove them wrong. She would do so again.

Wouldn't she?

She fought the temptation to fiddle with her makeup instead quickly adjusting her suit before squaring her shoulders and setting off to meet her newest and biggest challenge yet head on.

Her new partner Fox Mulder.

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