Into the Deep

by Lynn Saunders

Title: Into the Deep
Author: Lynn Saunders
Rating: PG-13
Classification: MSR, 155 words
Summary: A meeting at night.
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Date Completed: 05.16.2004 (Holy crap, I'm a college graduate! On to veterinary school!)
Disclaimer: Ha! No names used. Boo yah!

155 words for BTS, including a version of the word "mirror" for Toniann, secrets for Tali, and MSR for Sallie (who served as awesome beta for this piece).

Into the Deep
by Lynn Saunders

Luminescence is the moon-drenched sea at midnight, starlight sparkling against rolling black waves. A slide of sand beneath his toes, a surge of the tide, a tang of salt, and he resurfaces a few yards out, shaking water from his hair.

She is a silver fairy, knifing toward him through the darkness. Surely, capture by such a creature means losing his heart, yet perhaps it was never his to keep. She reaches for him, takes hold. Now, he thinks, I'll tell her all my little secrets. Now she'll hear them.

He draws her near, through water dark as ink. The version of himself mirrored in her gaze is wild, a predator with sea-slicked hair and moon-bleached gray eyes. He wants to show that ferocity, what he is capable of, to reveal every hidden piece of himself and fill each empty corner with a part of her.

Slick skin glides beneath his fingers.

"Say my name."

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