I Always Fail

by Gothic Spook

I Always Fail
Author: Gothic Spook
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Rating: G
Category: Post-ep
Summery: Monica's thoughts after hellbound Disclaimer: Don't belong to me. Property of CC, 1013 and FOX. Yada yada yada. Spoilers: Hellbound
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I always fail
That's what Van Allen had told me
At first I didn't understand
But now that I think about it
It makes perfect sense
I failed with my birthparents
they didn't want me
I failed to keep any relationships
I failed Luke
I failed John
No matter how many times I try
I always fail this case
I always fail
That is what I'm destined to do
But why aren't I dead?
I should be
For the next life
The next cycle
The next failure
But I'm not
Why didn't Van Allen kill me?
He had the chance to
Why didn't he take it?
I may never know
I may never find out why
Maybe I'm not meant to die
Not in this life
Maybe Dana was right
Maybe in this life I succeed

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