"Santa Claus, North Pole" (155 words)

by OKayVal

Disclaimer: Not mine. You know the drill.

Written for Haven's 155 Words "Dear Santa" Challenge; thanks as ever for the inspiration, and Christmas cookies to Tali!

He rubs his eyes and scowls at the overflowing box. Why did his mother keep this junk? Determined to finish, he soldiers on, grabbing another handful of letters and bills. As he rifles through a stack of Christmas cards, a small white envelope slips out, and the child's handwriting on the front catches his eye and stops his heart. "Santa Claus, North Pole." He stares at the spiky letters and with shaking fingers pulls out the small piece of lined paper that's inside.

"Dear Santa,
I have been good. Please bring me a talking Crissy doll. And please bring my brother Fox a model rocket so he will be too busy to tease me. Thank you.
Love Samantha Mulder."

He reads the words over and over until they blur under his damp eyes. Is it too late for his own letter?

"Dear Santa,
Please give me back my sister. I promise never to tease her again."


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